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large water show dancing fountain show
large water show dancing fountain show

Kontroll og synkronisering av vannshow

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A good water-show normally consists of the following:

1. Actors (Actresses), Dancers' performance, narrators; 

2. Water-fountain and Underwater-lighting; 

3. Moving Head Lamps; 

4. Lasers; 

5. Projectors; 

6. Smog machines, Ground fog; 

7. Talking Trees or other robots. 

For desired effect, all the above elements shall come out or disappear on time, accurancy to Mini-seconds. the programing and Synchronization is a real tough job. 

HImalaya Music Fountain water-show Control system can uniform all equipment to DMX units, and control them with one 'brain' (software command), with ensured control precision and show quality. 



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